About Us

We are expert in managing the design of: Megaprojects Organizations, Systems, and Systems of Systems irrespective of the industry; with a simple, holistic and taught approach stemmed on research works and the Master builder’s principles through the ages.
Apart from designing, we proffer solutions to troubled Megaprojects, Systems, Systems of Systems (SoS), and various complexity problems.
We also help Organizations, Industries and Companies to implement and manage "new corporate habit" ideal and hygienic for emergent changes relevant to withstanding competitions.
Our services cover Public Sector, Private Sector, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Oil & Gas, Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Research & Development, Science & Technology among others.

Our Mission

DEUTCHEE Holdings Inc. provides services in the area Megaprojects Organization Design, Megaprojects Governance, Systems Design & Integration, Systems of Systems (SoS) Design & Integration, Systems Engineering, Complexity Management and E-Business Implementation Solutions.

Our Plan

Our plan at DEUTCHEE Holdings Inc. is to make Megaprojects, Systems, Systems of Systems and EBusiness easy to implement through our examples of implementation and success stories.

Our Vision

DEUTCHEE Holdings Inc. has the vision to be the complete solution consulting for Megaprojects, Systems, Systems Engineering, Systems of Systems (SoS) and E-Business around the world.